Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Buy Side/ Sell Side Advisory
  • M & A Financing
  • Strategic Alliances

Transaction Advisory Services

  • Valuation
  • Business Strategy Formulation
  • Financial Turn Around

Equity Placement

In today's uncertain market scenario, business entities requiring quick infusion of funds can rely on our equity placement services. Through our effective and reliable consultancy services, our clients are provided with opportunities to acquire businesses by making use of listed stock. Through this route, Value Creators also helps various existing managements to secure control over their respective businesses.

Debt Placement

  • Project Financing
  • Working Capital Finance
  • External Commercial Borrowings

Working Capital Management

  • Companies need cash to fuel growth. However, companies can often find cash reserves simply by optimizing their working capital. This can be done on three levels: accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventories.
  • Following a phase of consolidation, companies focus on growth strategies once again. For this reason, they need additional financing, which is often hidden in their own working capital. With the right optimization approaches in their core business, companies can free up cash to finance growth. We make sure that entire core process chains are considered in the optimization strategy. We identify potential and select the right levers for making sustainable working capital improvements.

Corporate Advisory Services

An aggressive and dynamic economic environment has compelled companies to revaluate their capital structures to maintain financial competitiveness and enhance operating efficiencies. The economy is also faced with the inherent challenge of "stressed financial assets", where large funding exposures - both debt and equity need to be recovered or restructured in ways that benefit all stakeholders -- lenders, investors and the business.
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Realignment of Debt obligation
  • One Time Settlements
  • Interest Cost Savings

New Business Venturing Services

Before setting up any business operation or venturing into some new domain, our clients can opt for new business venturing services. The consultation helps our clients in making them understand various aspects like risks and growth opportunities associated with their new endeavour. Value Creators ensure that the services are reliable and offered through innovative approach.

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